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Being empathetic on Valentine's Day

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

This upcoming Saturday, January 28th is my birthday. It’s the last of the difficult dates for a while, thank goodness. This season was a tough one, but I knew that it would be. I planned for it, sat with the uncomfortable feelings, and surrounded myself with safe people I can be vulnerable. Because my year is now on a familiar pattern, I know that after my birthday I have exciting and impactful things to look forward to! Bring them on!

One of my all-time favorite ways to spend Valentines’ Day with my kids was to shop for and deliver individual heart shaped boxes to women at the Watkin Overflow Shelter. On a day when we often feel left out if we are single, missing a loved one, or grieving over the loss of a relationship it feels good to spread love. Reaching out to those who may be struggling on a day like Valentine’s Day is one of the main principles of the Penny Pledge. I love that we now carry this tradition into our work at Kid In the Corner. I invite you to join us on Feb 11th at the Scottsdale Quarter or Chandler Fashion Square in front of Kendra Scott to hand-write Valentine’s cards to women in the shelter. We will then attach your card to a heart shaped box of candy and deliver it to the Halle Women’s Shelter on Valentine’s Day.

The other exciting event coming up is our 2nd annual Shatter the Stigma Gala taking place on Saturday, February 25th. This night is a chance to celebrate the important work we do at Kid in the Corner and highlight the impact we have had over the past year. I love the energy this evening brings. It fuels me with determination to continue shattering stigma while saving and changing the lives of our youth. I hope you will join us this year!

My year just like many of yours, ebbs and flows with great pain and great joy. Consistent ups and downs. However, as we approach Valentine's Day I look forward to spreading love and kindness. I am truly looking forward to the near future and all that it brings!





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