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In a world where we can be anything, choose to be kind.

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

In a world with so many options and paths laid out before us, one of the most important things we can incorporate into everything we do is kindness. On our journey through life, it is essential to be kind - to ourselves and those around us. This path takes effort and dedication, but what else could you dedicate your time to that would have such a powerful ripple effect? From the environment we live in, the communities we create together, right down to our own homes - when faced with decisions, big or small, make sure that kindness is always at the forefront of your mind. Choose Kindness!

It's more important than ever to find ways to be kind to our communities. While traditional acts of kindness, like volunteering at a homeless shelter or donating to charity, are always important, there are plenty of unique ways to make a difference. It could be offering to help neighbors with yard work or starting a community garden to provide fresh produce for those in need. Whatever the approach, the key is thinking outside the box and connecting with those around us. By leading this effort, we can create a ripple effect of kindness that will benefit our communities for years.

Kindness isn't just something that should be practiced outside of the home - it should be an integral part of our daily lives, especially within our households. So, what does kindness look like within our homes? It means speaking to one another respectfully and understanding, lending a helping hand without being asked, and taking extra care to ensure that everyone feels valued and appreciated. As parents, we have an extraordinary opportunity to model this behavior for our children. By being kind to our spouses, children, and even ourselves, we demonstrate that kindness is essential to a healthy and loving relationship. By prioritizing kindness in our homes, we can create a more positive and harmonious environment for everyone to thrive.

Here are some ways to be kind in our environments, communities, and homes. Do you have any other suggestions?

1. Give Back - How We Can Help Our Neighbors and Communities

2. Make Time to Connect with the People Around Us

3. Respect the Environment - Making Sustainable Choices

4. Reach Out and Show Compassion - Offering Support to Those in Need

5. Take Care of Your Home – Simple and Economical Ways to Increase Home Value

6. Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion – All People Deserve Kindness and Respect

Kindness should not just be something we talk about but something we actively practice in our daily lives. There are many ways to live out kindness and elevate our culture by living with intention. Let’s commit today to model kindness in everything we do - from the small conversations with people to being mindful of how we shop or treat the earth. It takes minimal effort yet can create an impactful ripple effect in our communities! What are you doing to model kindness in your environments?

In kindness,

Francine Sumner

Founder & CEO



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