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Our Impact

This year, we are thrilled to share the incredible progress we've made in shattering the stigma surrounding mental health. Through our heartfelt presentations at schools, we had the privilege of reaching 3,700 young minds, offering them the invaluable opportunity to understand mental health better. As an organization committed to making a difference, we delivered our programming 100% in-person, ensuring genuine connections with the youth we serve, who spanned grades 4 to 12.


Now, let's dive into the impact of our collective efforts

and the transformative changes we've inspired.


Why it Matters

At Kid in the Corner, we believe that our impact on youth mental health matters profoundly – not just for individual young lives but for entire communities. By bravely addressing mental health and mental illness, we are breaking down barriers and empowering young individuals to find hope and strength amidst adversity. By equipping them with knowledge and resources, we inspire a generation that is not only compassionate and empathetic but also actively engaged in supporting one another's mental well-being. Our impact goes beyond numbers; it nurtures resilience, compassion, and understanding, fostering communities where mental health is a priority, and stigma is replaced with empathy. Together, we are building a world where every child knows they are not alone, and their struggles are met with understanding and support.

The Present Reality of Youth Mental Health

Annual Impact Report

Experience the impact we've made and join our mission by downloading our latest Impact Report or exploring previous years' accomplishments below.


The Program Making it Happen

Our Penny Pledge Program is a trauma-informed initiative empowering youth with vital tools, skills, and language to #ShatterTheStigma and save lives.

Explore our impactful programming or sign up your school today to be a part of this journey towards a more compassionate and supportive world.

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