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Zach's Story

On June 13, 2017, we lost Zach Sumner to suicide.

This heartbreaking tragedy rocked our community to its core. In the days and weeks that followed, stories emerged about how Zachary was always looking out for and reaching out to the kid in the corner, those kids who felt alone and isolated. He touched more people in his short life than most people ever do. Zach was a giver with a keen eye for those in need. Yet sadly, he didn’t feel the reciprocation when he himself became the kid in the corner.


We believe that through education, awareness, kindness, and community connectedness, we can help change the story for the next Kid in the Corner. Our vow to Zach is to honor his legacy by continuing the incredibly important work he started.

Continuing Zach's Legacy

We pledge to fulfill Zach’s legacy by shining a light on mental illness through education, awareness, and contagious kindness. We will continue the work that Zach began - to help the kid in the corner, whoever they may be, by offering access to the best resources and information, peer-to-peer outreach programs, and community support opportunities. 

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