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Stories From
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Ryan Sheade, LCSW

2020 NASW Arizona Social Worker of the Year

“Francine is incredibly dedicated to what she does, having turned her deep pain into goodness and light in the world. When she shares her story, as she often does, she does so with grace and humility, but never without deep vulnerability – because she knows that’s how we connect to one another.  I have no doubt that Francine, in turning her pain into advocacy and helping, has literally saved lives.”

Jason Reynolds

Superintendent, Peoria Unified School District

"There are moments in time when great beauty is born out of unbelievable tragedy.  The beauty of Kid in the Corner is its mission to ensure that everyone in our community is known, valued, and cared for.  I have witnessed that mission bloom in our community and empower each of us to see those around us and, most importantly, ourselves with empathy and kindness.”

Dana Herzberg

Founder & Head of School, The Jones Gordon School

“Francine's leadership journey serves as a reminder that out of darkness, light can emerge. Her ability to transform a personal tragedy into a force for positive change is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Through her speaking platform, Francine continues to inspire countless individuals, encouraging them to find their own voices, embrace their stories, and create meaningful change in their communities. Her legacy will forever be marked by the lives she has touched and the leaders she has helped cultivate.”

Matthew Moody, LAC

President of Mental Health America of Arizona

“I have always admired Francine for being able to turn a tragedy into helping others.  Francine’s structure for how to get help is outside of the typical modality in mental health care is provided. She recognized that children and parents are not always able to get the support that is needed from professionals, and professional mental health practitioners are spread thin. Francine has found a way to improve someone’s current social support to ensure they have much more consistent support than a therapist can once a week. Essentially, she is helping turn the entire community into a body that can assist each other in not feeling alone. The totality of Francine’s work is focused on community service, typically going to schools and literally sitting on the floor with kids to help give them the tools to be mentally healthier., on top of running the organization and volunteering for other organizations that she believes in.”

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