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Zach Packs is an annual community kindness event by Kid in the Corner to provide care "packs" for those suffering from homelessness. Following his tragic death on June 13, 2017, this event began as a way for us to honor Zachary's legacy and continue his acts of kindness. We promise to keep listening, serving communities in need, and spreading compassion and empathy in everything we do.

Zach Packs will be held within small personal communities nationwide, including Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and Montana. These community gatherings are designed to unite people, create shared kindness and support those in need. In 2023, there will be more communities around the country in need of support than ever! This event & mission expands beyond one person, group, or location. We encourage you to get together with your friends and family to put together your own Zach Packs to donate to a shelter, a food pantry, or individuals experiencing homelessness.

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