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We firmly believe that we can help change the story for other kids in the corner. We pledge to fulfill Zach’s legacy by continuing his efforts to reach every kid in the corner through education, awareness, kindness, and positivity. We will work to help every kid in the corner feel connected and supported by their community, and we pledge to help every kid in the corner find a path of hope and positivity.

Monthly Kindness Themes


Be Kind to Yourself

  • Learn something new

  • Exercise

  • Take a yoga class

  • Get a massage

  • Take time to be alone


Spread Love

  • Bring valentines to shelters

  • Bring flowers to a nursing home

  • Tell people that you love and appreciate them 

  • Give compliments abundantly

  • Hand out candy hearts


Be Kind To Pets

  • Collect food or supplies for an animal shelter

  • Foster a pet

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter

  • Volunteer as a dog walker or pet sitter

  • Collect old towels  or blankets to donate to a shelter


Be Kind to the Environment

  • Get involved in an earth day activity

  • Ride a bike or walk instead of driving

  • Repurpose, reuse, recycle

  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood or at school

  • Help rebuild trails at state parks


Kindness in our Families

  • Offer to do another family members chores

  • Prepare a meal for your family

  • Organize family game night

  • Leave your family members encouraging post it notes

  • Remind family members how much you love them


Feed The Hungry

  • Fill and distribute bags to homeless 

  • Bring food to a food bank

  • Volunteer to serve a mean at a shelter

  • Bring extra snacks to school for others

  • Organize a food drive


Back to School

  • Donate school supplies 

  • Help a teacher set up a classroom

  • Participate in a backpack drive

  • Donate clothes to a clothing drive

  • Bring tissues, hand sanitizer etc. to low income schools


Provide Water

  • Bring water bottles to shelters

  • Invite a friend over that doesn’t have a pool

  • Hand out cold water bottles to people on the street

  • Be extra careful to conserve water

  • Have a water or lemonade stand and donate the profits


Kindness ROCKS

  • Paint rocks with inspirational messages 

  • Leave rocks at schools, on walking paths

  • In your neighborhood, at shopping malls

  • In front of restaurants and hospitals

  • For your friends and family to find


Kindness in Your Community

  • Read in schools

  • Donate blood

  • Hand out flowers to random people 

  • Help someone with their groceries

  • Participate in habitat for humanity


Random Acts of Kindness

  • Participate in World Kindness Day on November 13th

  • Donate a turkey or meal to those in need

  • Thank people for being in your life

  • Buy a coffee for the person in line behind you

  • Put away shopping carts in shopping centers


Seasonal Kindness

  • Adopt a family for the holidays

  • Pick an angel off a tree in a mall

  • Reach out to those who have a hard time during this season

  • Go caroling

  • Bring cookies to neighbors

The Kindness Reading Corner

Say Something! by Peter H. Reynolds

Read by Francine Sumner

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli

Read by Francine Sumner

I am Fine by Dr. Daniela Owen

Read by Francine Sumner

Kindness is My Superpower by Alicia Ortego

Read by Francine Sumner

How Full is Your Bucket?

by Mary Reckmeyer & Tom Rath

Read by Francine Sumner

Right now, I am Brave

by Dr. Daniela Owen 

Read by Francine Sumner

I Have a Little Problem, Said the Bear

by Heinz Janisch

Read by Francine Sumner

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